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Summer is coming, and with it being such a popular time for weddings, I figured I would put together a list of things you can do to stay cool during your big day and how to help your guests enjoy their time too! So here are my tips for staying cool at a summer wedding.


If there is one thing you can count on during the Summer is that it will be HOT! Depending on where you get married it could also be humid, which can accentuate the sweaty feeling none of us enjoy, plus the last thing you want on your wedding is for your makeup to run and a sweat mustache am I right?

As wedding photographers, we are used to dealing with all that heat, and I try to make portrait time as efficient and quick as possible, so that everyone can go cool off and get back to their drinks and A/C, but these tips go beyond portrait time, those will keep everyone cool and give your guests a break from the sweltering heat of Summer weddings!

Here are a few tips to keep yourself and your guests cool!


Keep our guests cool by making water available at all times, from before the ceremony and throughout the day. A really cool and nice idea is to have a fruit water station where they can serve themselves while they wait for everyone to walk down the aisle.

The same goes for yourself and the wedding party, make sure to have plenty of cold drinks available and drink as much as you can BEFORE you get into your dress!


A great way to keep everyone cooler is to find some shade, especially if the location is outside. Nobody likes to sit in the direct sun light in their long gowns and suits, so if you can’t provide shade, consider making fans available for each guest or even better, a misting fan or large fan that will keep a cool breeze coming through; that also goes if your reception is entirely outdoors.


Does your venue offer a climate controlled area for your ceremony and reception? I made sure I booked a venue with air conditioning because I knew it was going to be HOT in Brazil, and even with the A/C on, we were all hot from all the dancing. Consider all of the layers you will be wearing, the gnats, the bugs and the weather itself while choosing your venue.


If you are getting married in the hotter months or even abroad, make sure you think about primer; this will ensure that your make-up stays put all day. Be sure to talk about any skin issues you would like addressed beforehand with your makeup artist, like oily skin to ensure he or she has the best options to make sure your hair and makeup stay put and flawless all day! Also ask your hairstylist if they can use products which work with humidity if you’re dealing with it.

Raw oysters on the half shell

Other helpful tips:

Keep your ceremony short and sweet

Choose your bridal party outfits according to the season

Consider offering cool foods, like popsicles, cocktails and lemonade and salads

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