Gabi and Jason have a story that started similar to mine and Kyle’s. She was also an Au Pair when they met online! She is ALSO from the same region as me, in Brazil, how cool is that?

We recently met for their Georgetown sunrise engagement and I am in AW of these!!!

Like I mentioned above, they met online, and during covid, so going out was definitely a challenge, but that helped them grow closer since the majority of places were off-limits, they had no choice but to hang out with each other at Jason’s place.

We met at sunrise at the Georgetown Waterfront Park and it was the best decision we made! It made for the best georgetown sunrise engagement.

Traffic was better, it was nearly empty and oh, so quiet compared to sunset. And it was much cooler too for a late July date. Gabi and I were on the verge of being chilly hahaha Brazilians from our region weren’t meant to be in the cold.

Right before the sun came up on the horizon, we started chatting and getting started with our posing to loosen them up. Because EVERYONE needs a little time to warm up before their session. It’s very intimidating to have a camera pointed at you.

We started at the Georgetown Waterfront boardwalk with the beautiful view of the Key Bridg. Then we took a little stroll around the park with the beautiful water fountain, all the blooms and the gorgeous sunny glow you will see below!

We then made our way up to the main streets and it’s not hard to find adorable spots just about anywhere you go in Georgetown! From the leaf covered walls to brick buildings and iron gates. But what Gabi had her heart set on was the adorable pink house, and that’s where we went.

It was so much fun to get together, get to hug you guys and meet you! I am sure your wedding day will be amazing and I am glad I will be there to celebrate with you two!

If you are planning a georgetown sunrise engagement, be sure to arrive before the sun is up to give you the most out of that early light!

Hope you enjoy these because I am in love!!!

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