London Town Weddings | A Historic Waterfront Venue in Maryland

Maryland weddings are some of the most magical in the world. We just can’t help it. This gorgeous state has options for every style, whether you’re looking for something rustic and intimate or modern and edgy. With so many stunning spaces, finding the venue right for your wedding day can be overwhelming. That’s why I’m here to help you out! As a Maryland photographer, I get the unique chance to get a backstage look at all the best venues across the state, and I’m here to tell you about all of my faves. If you are searching for a historic waterfront venue, let me introduce you to London Town Weddings so you can decide if this is the right venue for you. 

About London Town Weddings

839 Londontown Road, Edgewater, Maryland 21037

London Town has roots going all the way back to the 17th century. This space was created by the Maryland legislature as a tobacco port, making it a crucial part of the trans-Atlantic trade network in colonial America. London Town rivaled Annapolis in commerce in its prime while hosting carpenters, coopers, planters, and merchants. The area was quickly built up to give the traders a place where they could rest. The Anne Arundel County Courthouse stood in this area from 1685 to 1695. Unfortunately, the popularity of the town was simply not meant to last. The Revolutionary War saw a sharp drop in trade, and the town was unable to survive. While it lost prominence, it still remains a significant historical space. It hosts hundreds of London Town Weddings each year and remains a popular destination for school trips. This unique space will give you an unforgettable setting for your wedding and reception. 

Details of a bride's white and pink bouquet in her hand

Details of the Grounds

London Town Weddings offers romantic spaces you can use for both your ceremony and your reception. The Waterfront Pavilion gives you an indoor spot for your ceremony. This bright space provides you with white walls, wooden, rounded ceilings, and plenty of windows that overlook the water. The exterior gives you several areas for your wedding, including the positively dreamy gardens. This lush and moody area ties in plenty of natural beauty that you can accent with your personal wedding decor. If you want an area that’s a little brighter, try out the Historic Area. This space overlooks the various centuries-old brick buildings as well as the water. 

The Waterfront Pavilion serves as a warm and sunny place for your reception. This area will give you plenty of space to toast before you dance the night away. For outdoor receptions, The Tent is the ideal spot. This will give you a covered space overlooking the water. You will also be next to the Waterfront Pavilion, providing you with any indoor amenities you might need throughout the evening. If you want to set up any lawn games, you’ll be able to have them just outside the tent! 

Newlyweds touch foreheads while smiling under a veil at London Town Weddings

Cocktail Hour And Getting Ready Rooms

The exterior deck of the London Town Weddings Pavilion tends to be the preferred spot for a cocktail hour. Your guests will get to mingle outdoors while still having a covered space to cool them down on hot summer days. Many couples also choose to set up an outdoor bar near their wedding site. This option will give you a seamless transition into the next part of your day. Your guests will love sipping on signature cocktails and exploring the grounds while you take pictures. 

The venue has a bright room called The Lounge, where you can get ready before your event. It’s a cozy space to do touch-ups and chat with your party. This room is well-lit for your pictures. 

With no additional rentals, the space can hold up to 162 guests. The venue gives you the choice to use a rental company for an extension tent, increasing the capacity to 200 guests. 

London Town Weddings Special Details

The venue is rich in details that will set your wedding apart from the rest. The tent is expertly draped with gold chandeliers to light up the area. The gardens feature a slight stage you can use to exchange vows. The landscaping around the Pavilion is vibrant, with colorful perennials that add color. The Waterfront Pavilion has wooden parquet flooring and fans that will keep the air moving. 

Newlyweds stand in an open lawn holding each other while the vail flies behind the bride

Photography Opportunities

London Town Weddings offers so many beautiful spaces for your portraits. Prior to your wedding, you can get pictures taken inside The Lounge. The tall windows are perfect for naturally lit portraits. We can also walk around the garden and get pictures of your wedding party before the guests start to arrive. For group portraits, we can walk around the expansive lawn and find spots that are easy for every member of the family to navigate. The historic buildings around here are ideal for a backdrop. We’ll have spots on the pier, the gazebos, the forest, and the landscaped gardens for a couple of portraits.

Wedding Details

The day before your wedding, London Town Weddings will provide you with a 1-hour rehearsal. You can use this time to understand the area better and know exactly what to expect the next day. On your actual wedding day, they will provide you with 3 hours for setup and 1 hour for cleanup. The venue has some decor restrictions, including the absence of sparklers or wish lanterns. The site is pet-friendly and encourages you to let your four-legged family member be present at your wedding. You will have a list of preferred vendors you can choose for your wedding. The venue will provide you with tables, chairs, and an altar. They give you exclusive use of the venue, so you don’t have to worry about wedding crashers! 

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Plan A Dream Day At The Historic London Town Weddings

If you want a breathtaking historical site for your wedding day, you might just want to consider London Town Weddings. This significant space is here to ensure you have the celebration of your dreams. As far as capturing all those details, that’s where I come in! I am a Maryland photographer, and I adore getting to know couples so I can tell their unique stories. I would positively love to have a conversation with you and show off my portfolio so you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to get the conversation started! 

Newlyweds touch foreheads while hiding under a veil in a black tux and lace embroidered dress at London Town Weddings