Okaaaaaay, so we made it to 10 long years married! And although we wanted to celebrate with a BIG tropical vacay; with weddings and covid still looming, we decided to stay local again. And splurge next year when we go to Brazil again.

So Kyle and I have a very unusual love story, it will be migrated to my new blog soon from the old one so stay tuned for that. But one thing we have always done is travel to celebrate our anniversary. Some of them were spent in different countries, different continents even. That is because, for the first 6 years, we were a military family.

Like many, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are always doomed to be spent apart due to training, deployments, or other tours. But we made it work, we have always compromised and done whatever we needed to get through the hardships, to make it to where we are now.

Our entire 1st year of marriage we spent apart. Kyle was on a remote island without access to commercial planes and we saw each other for maybe 30 days that whole time. He also left for said island just TWO WEEKS after we tied the knot. It was ROUGH (to put it nicely).

But here is how, or should I say where we have celebrated each year for the past decade:

2010 – We met and I moved to NY, then Maryland.

2011 – We got married! Then I moved in with his parents. No photographer present ooops. I wouldn’t even have had a bouquet if my mother in law hadn’t mentioned it.

2012 – Celebrated late because Kyle was gone for a year – Jacksonville, FL

2013 – Stone Mountain and North Georgia

2014 – Atlanta with friends before Kyle deployed – We also adopted JJ!

2015 – Tampa, FL before Kyle deployed again – We also had a wedding celebration in Brazil!

2016 – Chattanooga and Pigeon Forge, TN

2017 – Columbus, GA

2018 – Wilmington, DE

2019 – Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park, CO Photo credit to Katie Fletcher Photography

2020 – Pocono Mountains, PA. Covid hair and all.

2021 – Charleston, SC

Here are some of our memories from all the adventures we’ve been through:

Wilmington, DC, Columbia MD, Alexandria VA and Westminster MD
Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park
Smokey Mountains, GA – Baltimore – Appalachian Trail, GA – Anna Ruby Falls – Valdosta, GA – Providence Canyon, GA – Columbus, GA – Universal Studios, FL – Moody Air Force Base, GA
NYC – Coney Island, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island, Grand Central Station, Wall Street and Empire State Building
Ruby Falls, TN – Rock City, TN – Smokey Mountains, TN – Disney, FL – Air Show, GA – Tampa FL, – Orlando, FL
Destin, FL – Baltimore, MD – DC – Chattahooche Ski Resort, NC – Hurricane Irma – Gunpowder Falls, MD

Summer picnic couple during summer in DC