Timeless Celebrations at The Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding Venue

When you’re planning your wedding, you’re probably looking at a lot of factors that will determine whether or not you’ll have a stress-free day. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I get the chance to chat with a lot of couples throughout every part of the planning process. I also spend time getting behind-the-scenes looks at all the best venues so I can help couples who need a little bit of help making up their minds. If you are on the search for a stunning mansion for your timeless event, I would love to tell you what you can expect from a celebration at The Elkridge Furnace Inn wedding venue so you can decide if this is the space for you! 

About The Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding Venue

5745 Furnace Ave, Elkridge, Maryland 21075

The Elkridge Furnace Inn is a property that dates back to 1744. The house itself was constructed in 1810 and maintains many of the original details. In 1989, the house was slated for demolition when Dan and Donna Wecker knew they had to do what they could to save it. They sold their own house and moved into the historic mansion. From there, they promptly went to work restoring the house to its former glory. In 1992, they began to use it as a catering venue before turning it into a restaurant in 1994. Today, it stands as an upscale, family-run space with fresh ingredients coming from farms across the Elkridge area. On top of providing you with a fantastic meal, the venue is dedicated to giving you an unforgettable experience. Their hospitality shines through all their special events, including their weddings!

A groom holds the mic while dancing with his bride on the dance floor at their The Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding

Details of the Grounds

The venue has options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. The interior of the Manor House provides you with a space for micro and mid-sized weddings. The rooms have been painstakingly restored to their original design, giving you a beautiful and historical space to exchange your vows. 

Most couples choose to use the gardens of the house for this portion of their ceremony. This area is lush with perennials and towering trees that will serve as the backdrop as you exchange vows. The venue has a paved cobblestone aisle you will walk down for your procession. 

For indoor receptions, the Manor House can accommodate your party. Large doorways let your party seamlessly flow from one room to the next. For larger weddings, you can utilize one of the multiple event tents in the gardens. You can choose to have the sides open to let in the summer breeze or keep them closed to shut out the elements. The tents offer climate control and can be decorated to match your wedding theme. 

Other Spaces Used For Weddings At The Elkridge Furnace Inn

There are several areas that work well for your cocktail hour. If you would prefer an indoor cocktail hour, you can use the Elkridge Furnace Inn’s bar. Your guests will get to enjoy signature drinks as they get a tour of this truly stunning space. If you would prefer an outdoor cocktail hour, you can set up a bar in the gardens or use the front porch for a covered space. 

The Elkridge Furnace Inn has rooms in the upstairs of the main house where you can put on all the finishing touches before your day begins. You will have a comfortable space to get ready with your bridal party and drink some champagne before the event begins. 

The interior of the house can hold up to 180 guests. You can use their tent extensions and bring this up to 265 guests. The exterior tents can host up to 250 guests. 

The gardens are a romantic space with vibrant colors and walkways that look like they came straight from a storybook. The grounds have been strategically paved to be accessible to all. The exterior of the house is brick with a covered front porch. The interior features historical colors with crown molding and high ceilings. The event tents have sides with faux-arched windows that let in plenty of light. They can be draped with white cloth for added elegance. 

Newlyweds share an intimate moment with a smile in a garden at The Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding venue

Photography Opportunities

The get-ready rooms feature gorgeous arched windows that you can use for portraits during this part of your day. Many brides choose to take a dress picture of their gown hanging in the window. Once it’s time for a couple’s portraits, you’ll want to walk around the grounds and find all the spots with your dream backdrop. The lush gardens feature pergolas and low balconies you can incorporate into your pictures. The area also contains a rustic cabin and allows you to take pictures in front of the exterior. 

Wedding Details

The Elkridge Furnace Inn is a full-service venue that will ensure you have everything you need for your perfect wedding. Once you book your date, the events team will immediately be in contact with you so they can help you plan your wedding. One of the first things you will decide on is the catering menu. The venue features a team of talented chefs who will prepare fabulous meals with local ingredients. They will work with you to build a meal that feels right for your day. They are able to accommodate special diets and requirements. 

The venue uses a floor plan program that will let you visualize what your wedding will look like as well as where your guests will be. You will be able to use the venue’s tables and chairs as well as their linens, dinnerware, glassware, barware, and more. They will provide you with servers and bartenders. The venue is pet-friendly. 

Your Dream Day Can Come To Reality At The Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding Venue

With The Elkridge Furnace Inn wedding venue, you will have a gorgeous and historic space for your wedding day. Book your tour soon so you can decide if this is the venue for you!

Once you have your venue picked out, it’s time to start thinking about pictures! I am a Maryland wedding photographer, and I adore getting to know couples so I can give them portraits that represent their unique personalities and tell their love story in a genuine way. I would love to sit down and have a conversation so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat soon!

Newlyweds stand out among the vineyards at their wedding