Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with a Historic Oakland Wedding

Historic estates provide some of the dreamiest wedding venues. Not only do they give your wedding rich and unique details, but they also give you the chance to add your love story to their existing legacy. Luckily, Maryland is full of these beautiful spaces that will set your day apart from the rest. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I have gotten the chance to tour some of the most charming venues around. Now, I’m here to tell you all about my favorites. If you’re searching for a quiet and historic spot for your wedding, I would love to tell you why you should consider a Historic Oakland wedding

About The Historic Oakland Wedding Venue

5430 Vantage Point Road, Columbia, Maryland 21044

While the builders of Historic Oakland didn’t break ground until 1811, the area dates back to 1688 when settler John Dorsey acquired a tract of land spanning 1,100 acres. Over a century later, Charles Sterrett Ridgely commissioned Oakland as a country home. At the time, he was working as a Speaker of the House of Delegates, and he needed a space where he could relax in the midst of his demanding career. The result was a grand federal-style home. Over the years, the house has faced renovations, mixing various styles to create a seriously impressive yet fully cohesive space. It now stands as a favorite spot for events and weddings for couples across the state. 

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Details of the Grounds

Whether you’d prefer a large garden wedding or an intimate indoor ceremony, Historic Oakland has the perfect spot for you. The exterior of the house features well-kept gardens and meticulously manicured lawns. You will be able to speak with the venue and find the ideal exterior space for your event. For those who would prefer an indoor area, you can choose the larger Main Ballroom on the first floor or head upstairs to The Magnolia Room for a quiet and intimate ceremony. Both of these spaces feature delicate yellow paint with wooden floors and high ceilings. 

For an outdoor reception, the venue suggests using their outdoor tent. The sides of the tent are decorated to look like arched windows, and you will be able to open up the panels as needed. This will ensure you can enjoy the weather and the grounds without having to deal with pesky bugs or bad weather. The venue also has a Veranda just outside. This open-air space can be enclosed if needed. You can use either the Magnolia Room or the Main Ballroom for your celebration. While the former is ideal for intimate dinners, the latter will give you plenty of space to get up and dance! You can open this room up into the neighboring foyer if needed. 

Special Historic Oakland Wedding Details

The interior of the house gives you several spaces where you can set up a cocktail hour. With the Foyer, you will have an open and airy space where you can have signature drinks just outside the ceremony room. If you would prefer a more intimate area, the Library is the perfect spot! 

The venue has designated spaces where you can get ready before your event. The large windows will ensure your portraits are well-lit as you put on those finishing touches and drink some champagne with your besties. 

Historic Oakland has spaces that can accommodate up to 180 guests. The main ballroom can host over 100 guests, and the back patio tent can hold up to 180 guests while still giving you a spacious dance floor. The covered Veranda can host up to 50 guests, the Bishop’s Garden can host up to 80 guests, and the Magnolia Room can host up to 64 guests. 

The exterior of the house has a white federal facade with stately blue shudders and a covered front porch. Once your guests walk through the entryway, they will be in a gorgeous, powdered blue foyer with symmetrical staircases and white fireplaces on either side of the room. The entrance into the Ballroom has a white arched window with iron decorative features just above the door. The Ballroom is lit up by several crystal chandeliers with white pendants surrounding them. White doors lead you from this space to the Veranda and the gardens. The house flows effortlessly from one space to another, ensuring your day can be equally as seamless! 

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Photography Opportunities

One of the best things about Historic Oakland is the natural lighting for wedding portraits. The large windows throughout the space will ensure your event is well-lit whether you’re hosting it indoors or out. You will have romantic and intimate spaces for your couple’s portraits, including the gardens and the staircases. The exterior of the house provides you with an iconic backdrop for your group portraits. You can also easily navigate the front lawns, making it ideal for family pictures with people of all abilities. 

Wedding Details

When you start planning your wedding with Historic Oakland, you will immediately be paired with an on-site facility member. This expert will work with you to ensure you have everything you need for your perfect day. You will have access to their tables and chairs with your rental fee. You will be able to work with them should you want an upgrade. The venue does not have its own on-site catering and will allow you to pick your dream meal from any local options. The venue will provide set-up and clean-up for your event. For the Veranda, they offer space heaters to keep the area warm during the colder months. While the downstairs and the gardens are fully accessible, the upstairs space with the Magnolia Room is not. 

Start Your Next Chapter The Right Way At The Historic Oakland Wedding Venue

With a Historic Oakland wedding, you will have a legendary space where you can write the next chapter of your life together. As far as capturing all the details of your day, that’s why I’m here! I am a Maryland wedding photographer, and I adore working with couples to ensure they have gorgeous memories of their celebration. If you have been looking for the right photographer for your wedding, I would love to have a conversation and show you my portfolio so you can decide whether I’m the one for you. Contact me today to find out more! 

Newlyweds hold hands during their outdoor ceremony at their Historic Oakland Wedding