Kentlands Mansion Wedding: A Luxurious and Quiet DC Wedding

When you’re planning your DC wedding, you want a way to tie in the elegance of the town without all the tourists getting in your way. It can be hard to find a wedding venue that checks all your boxes without the potential of getting derailed by the weekend crowds. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I get the unique chance to get a backstage look at all the venues, and I’m here to tell you about some of the absolute best out there! If you are on the search for a luxurious yet quiet space for your Washington DC ceremony, I would love to tell you why you should consider a Kentlands Mansion wedding might just be right for you. 

About The Kentlands Mansion Wedding Venue

31 S Summit Ave, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877

Kentlands Mansion is a house with roots that predate the nation’s birthday. The estate was founded on land that was established with a 1723 land grant. Eventually, it was purchased by Frederick A. Tschiffely, a DC businessman. Following his death in 1892, his son, Frederick Tschiffely Jr., broke ground and began construction on a manor. The land was then expanded in 1942 once Otis Beall Kent purchased the house and commissioned the construction of a “gentleman’s estate and wildlife sanctuary.” The result was a breathtaking home that remains as impressive today as it was in its prime. The venue is now owned by the City of Gaithersburg and specializes in unforgettable events. 

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Details of the Grounds

The venue has both indoor and outdoor venues for your ceremony. Most couples choose to use the exterior for their wedding day. The manor has several areas that will work as the backdrop of your day. Some couples use the front lawn and set up their archway or their arbor in front of the porch. Others use the side lawn for smaller events. This area is grassy, with vibrant landscaping separating it from the rest of the lawn. There is also a stone fence you can stand in front of as you exchange vows. 

The interior can accommodate micro weddings and elopements. There are several conference rooms you can use for your ceremony. You can choose from stately wood paneled rooms to spacious parlors with light paint and crown molding. 

For indoor receptions, the venue allows you to use separate rooms for dinner only. You will have several stately rooms and will be able to mingle throughout the night. The lobby has a baby grand piano that you can use throughout the night. For outdoor receptions, you can set some tables up outside and have an elegant cocktail reception.

Other Special Spaces Around The Kentlands Mansion Wedding Venue

The venue has several spaces you can reserve for your cocktail hour. There is a covered deck where you can set up a bar. Your guests will be able to enjoy your signature drinks while touring the property. Other couples choose to use one of the multiple interior rooms for this portion of the evening. 

The upper level of the house has several rooms you can reserve so you can get ready on-site. You will be able to kick back, drink some champagne, and put on the finishing touches with your best friends before it’s time for the ceremony to start. 

The Kentlands Mansion Wedding venue has space to accommodate up to 150 guests, making it the perfect spot for micro and mid-sized weddings. 

The exterior of the brick mansion remains true to its 19th-century influences. It stands two stories tall and features a large, uncovered front porch that spans across the front of the home. There are two trees that tower over the area, mixing in some perfect symmetry. The front doorway is arched, and the top floor features a balcony that overlooks the area. The interior of the home features stately, Edwardian touches across the rooms. You’ll find pale paint colors and white crown molding. Some rooms feature elegant wood paneling, and the furniture feels true to the area. One of the rooms has an art gallery where you can see works by local artists.  

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Photography Opportunities

Kentlands Mansion has several dreamy spots where you can take wedding portraits celebrating the area. The front porch will work well for both group and couple portraits. You’ll have the brick facade of the building in the backdrop. The stone fence near the house also works well for group pictures. This area is fully accessible to everyone at your party. The interior of the home features staircases you can use to show off the train of your dress. There are quiet pockets across the grounds where you can take sunlit pictures with native plants as well as towering trees. 

Wedding Details

Once you book Kentlands Mansion, you will be set up with a wedding planner. They will work with you to figure out all the details of your wedding so you can have the event that’s perfect for you. The team also has access to all the great vendors and will find you the ones that fit your vibe! They will host your rehearsal dinner so you can make sure all your details fall right into place. On the day of your wedding, you will have free parking on-site. The venue will figure out your layout ahead of your event and set up your chairs accordingly. They will also take care of all the tables as well as the linens. The venue does not have cooking on-site but will allow you to bring in your own caterers. You will also be able to bring in your own alcohol. 

Picture Yourself In Your Dream Kentlands Mansion Wedding

With a Kentlands Mansion wedding, you will have a significant and historic DC house for your wedding. Schedule your tour soon so you can decide if this is the space for you! 

Are you looking for the right photographer to help you capture all the details of your day? Then let’s chat! I am a Maryland photographer, and I adore working with couples so they can remember every second of their day. I would love to schedule a conversation and show you my portfolio so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat soon! 

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