Discover the Magic of a Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, you’re constantly looking for ways to transform it into your very own. After all, no one has your unique love story. Why have a wedding that looks like everyone else’s? One of the best ways you can have a one-of-a-kind wedding is by finding a venue that understands your vision and will do what it takes to make it a reality. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I get the chance to tour some pretty incredible wedding venues, and I’m here to tell you about my favorites. If you’re on the search for a historical space for your event, I would love to tell you what you can expect from a Mt. Washington Mill Dye House wedding

About The Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding Venue

1340 Smith Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21209

As you might have gathered from the name, Mt. Washington Mill Dye House is a former mill located in the heart of Baltimore. For years, the space served as an industrial mill until 1923, when it was bought by the Maryland Bolt and Nut Company. From then on, it produced metal fasteners, including rivets and screws. The factory ceased operations in 1989 and sat dormant, waiting for its next life. It found it when it was transformed into an event venue. The space is operated by the same company that operates Meadow Mill and The Winslow at Parker Metal. These experts know how to throw an unforgettable party, and they will bring their unique vision to your celebration!  

A group of groomsmen laugh while standing around a table in a vintage bar at a Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding

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Details of the Grounds

Whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding, there’s a good chance the venue has the right spot for you! Many couples choose to utilize the industrial chic interior for their events. With this option, you will have access to the Dye House Room. The raw materials and the concrete floor look simply divine when dressed up for your ceremony! 

For outdoor weddings, you can use the Courtyard. This outdoor space provides an organic backdrop with the surrounding buildings. The yard here is lit up by bistro lights, and the ambiance of the water will elevate your ceremony. 

The Dye House Room is the favored spot for receptions. The high ceilings and open breezeways create the feeling of more space inside the already large room. Your guests will have plenty of space to mingle until it’s time to get out on the dance floor! 

If you would prefer an outdoor reception, the venue allows you to use the Courtyard for a cocktail reception. With this option, you’ll have waterfront views. If you’d like, you can set up lawn games for your guests to enjoy.

Additional Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding Details

The venue has a room they use for cocktail hours. The Cocktail Room provides you with a one-of-a-kind space where you can have a bartender dishing out your signature drinks. There is an adjoining patio so your party can move indoors or out. 

The venue has set up get-ready rooms you will be able to use as you get ready for your event. Grab a bottle or two of champagne, put on all the finishing touches, and unwind until it’s time for the ceremony to begin. 

The Mt. Washington Mill Dye House has options for you to host as many wedding guests as you’d like. The Dye House Room can hold up to 400 standing and 250 seated guests. If you’d like to bring out a dance floor, the capacity drops down to 200 guests. The Outdoor Courtyard can host up to 200 guests for your ceremony. The Cocktail Room and Patio will hold up to 90 seated guests and 200 standing guests. 

The best thing about this space is how rich it is in detail! The courtyard is almost entirely surrounded by buildings. Your wedding will have stone walls on one side and brick walls on the other. Vintage lion statues stand guard on the concrete. The waterway is close enough that you’ll hear its gentle waters, but you won’t have to worry about it overpowering your event. The interior features brick walls covered in faded white plaster. The ceiling features rafters and open walkways leading from one room to the next. The Cocktail Room is lit up by Edison bulbs and has an accent wall that adds to the industrial vibes. 

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Photography Opportunities

For your getting ready pictures, you will be able to use the bridal room.  The Mt. Washington Mill Dye House has ensured this space is well-lit, so your wedding photos will look positively radiant. The Courtyard is your go-to spot for sun-soaked group and couple portraits. You will also be able to use this space to show off your veil. The building itself will give you an iconic backdrop for group and couple portraits. The interior of the building features tall windows that will let in plenty of light for your ceremony pics. 

Wedding Details

The event team at Mt. Washington Mill Dye House knows how to throw together an unforgettable wedding! You will work with an event coordinator who will get to the heart of your vision before helping you find all the resources you need for your party. The venue offers all-in-one packages that will make your planning a breeze. They provide you with a list of exclusive caterers so you can pick the cuisine that’s right for you. From there, your caterers will have full access to the on-site kitchen. The venue provides tables and cross-back chairs for your event. You will have a venue manager overseeing your wedding throughout the day. Your guests can enjoy on-site parking. 

I Hope You Have Fun Planning Your Dream Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding

With a Mt. Washington Mill Dye House wedding, you will have a unique space for your unforgettable wedding. Schedule your tour soon so you can decide if this is the space for you! 

Once you have your venue, it’s time to start putting all the other pieces together! I am a Baltimore wedding photographer and adore working with couples to document their days. I love getting to know each and every couple so I can deliver pictures that are as gorgeous as they are authentic. If you’ve been looking for the right photographer for your wedding, let’s have a low-pressure conversation so you can see if I’m the one for you!

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