Let me start with three words for this Quiet Waters Beach Engagement: love, champagne, and the beach! The best combination there EVER was. Kassie and Jason chose to have a Quiet Waters Beach Engagement in Annapolis, I got to see a new area I had never been to before. The sunset was absolutely stunning, the photos do not do it justice (but I tried). Keep reading to get a peek at the AH-MAZING engagement ring they chose together!


They first talked on a dating app in 2017, but according to Jason, Kassie was so enamored by him that it wasn’t long before she demanded a date. They both ended up violating their personal rules of “no dinners on the first date” because the coffee shop they had picked was closed. Coincidence? According to Jason, they actually fell in love at first sight but took them four months to admit they were in a relationship, ha!


“It really begins when Jason decided to take Kassie to Virginia Beach for her birthday in May 2021. Kassie found this beautiful hotel that she was obsessed with, but Jason really hammered it home that it was not affordable. All of her friends and family heard about the trip and this hotel that we weren’t staying at. Jason booked a lovely hotel elsewhere, but still planned to go to the awesome hotel for a drink and to tour the grounds.
Little did she know that hotel #1 was a decoy hotel and Kassie was then blindsided when we checked in after touring the other hotel. She literally cried. We had an amazing trip and solidified VA Beach as a special place for us. Apparently, this fun birthday trip looked like an engagement-level affair to literally everyone back home, and everyone was on ring watch. Friends and family were confused when that finger came home bare. A couple of people actually congratulated us on the photos we shared online.
Ring Watch 2021 culminated an agonizing (to everyone else) six months later when Kassie and Jason went out to brunch for their Anniversary. Jason sneakily flew in with her family from out of town to meet with his family so they could watch the ambush in person. Satellite maps with detailed times and suggested approach angles were provided, as some in attendance didn’t have the best sense of direction.
As the family hid in a bush, Kassie was in the car with Jason driving down to the Georgetown waterfront. On the way down, Kassie awkwardly asked if we could look at some rings at a store nearby after brunch. She then tried to play it cool and said that she didn’t want to pressure Jason, but then started talking about how she’d like some kind of security or affirmation in the relationship, and then walked that back. As she was oscillating, Jason gave her no relief as he stared ahead nodding with her ring in his breast pocket.
We parked and had a nice stroll down the waterfront toward the point where Jason had a surprise in store. When we approached the lookout, Jason saw that some inconsiderate person had littered an orange juice container right in the proposal spot. Fearing that it would be in the photos, he power walked ahead and very not casually punted it into the next zip code with no explanation. Some light reflections on our relationship were shared, and then after checking that the group of onlookers had successfully approached, he dropped down on one knee. Kassie immediately short-circuited and barely remembers anything that was said. When she came to, the ring was in front of her and she took fate into her own hands. Not wanting to risk that the ring wouldn’t make it the last few inches to her finger, she swiped it before Jason could put it on her himself. After getting up, embracing, and a smooch, Kassie turned to see everyone there.
We all shared an amazing brunch and day together, excited about what the future held for us.”

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