6 Beautiful Styles of Baltimore Wedding Venues for Your Day

One of the best parts of working with couples across Baltimore is getting to find out their individual styles. It shines through every aspect of their wedding, from the shoes on their feet to the centerpieces on the table. If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, the very first thing you want to do is figure out what you want the vibe to be throughout your celebration. Do you gravitate more towards the sleek and modern or the moody and maximalist? Raw and rustic or chic and elegant? No matter your style, there’s the perfect Baltimore venue for you, and I would love to be the one to help you find it! As a Maryland wedding photographer, I have gotten the chance to explore some pretty amazing places. So, I’m here to give you a rundown on the different options for Baltimore wedding venues

6 Absolutely Stunning Styles of Baltimore Wedding Venues You Will Love

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Country Club Venues

If you are looking for effortless luxury, a country club wedding venue might just be the Baltimore spot for you. Because these areas were built for laid-back relaxation, they tend to have everything you need for a full-service wedding. Plus, the attached golf courses provide some stunning views that you can use for your wedding portraits or as a backdrop while you exchange vows. While some country clubs do require that you are a member yourself (or are sponsored by one), others are open for any couple who wants to utilize them. If you would prefer wide, open countryside for your venue, you can check out spots such as Baltimore Country Club or Crofton Country Club. If you are looking for a downtown spot that will still provide you with top-notch accommodations, you can try out an urban country club such as The Center Club. 

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor wedding venues let you incorporate the surrounding Baltimore nature while still ensuring you have the accommodations you need for an effortless day. Often, these spots will either have their own on-site catering or use a list of preferred vendors who will provide you with food and drinks throughout your event. While it might be a bit stressful to plan a fully outdoor celebration, most venues either have event tents or a list of vendors who will provide you with shelter should the forecast decide to let it rain on your wedding day. Baltimore has some pretty exceptional outdoor venues with every view you could imagine. For a romantic garden wedding, you can try Overhills Mansion or the Cloisters Castle. For a more urban celebration, you’ll love 1840s Plaza or Chase Court. 

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Mansion Venues

For couples who would prefer both indoor and outdoor options throughout their wedding day, a mansion venue might be the best choice! These spaces are often restored historical mansions with modern accommodations that will give your day an effortless elegance. More often than not, they will also include a heritage garden that will shine throughout your pictures. You will also be able to find separate rooms where you can host different portions of your event, such as your cocktail hour. These venues are exceptionally thrilling if you’re a major history person. Because Baltimore has such foundational roots in American history, you can find houses that belonged to former Speakers of the House of Delegates or state founders. Some of my favorites include The Historic Clifton Mansion and the Engineering Society of Baltimore. 

Waterfront Venues

If you really want to celebrate the great city of Baltimore, you can choose a waterfront wedding venue that lets you get as close as possible to the Baltimore Harbor. If you choose to get a little more outside of the city, you will be able to exchange vows overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Most of the venues available throughout the state feature piers that let you go out over the water following your ceremony. With this option, you’ll have dreamy wedding portraits with an incredibly scenic backdrop! For the truly adventurous, you can find venues such as Watermark that let you rent a yacht for your ceremony. Many of the top waterfront venues have luxurious accommodations, so you don’t have to compromise on your view. For full-service options, you can try out Herrington on the Bay, Bayfront Club, or La Fontaine Bleu.

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Hotel Venues

Because hospitality lies at the heart of the hotel industry, Baltimore hotel wedding venues are going to make sure you have everything you need for a refined wedding your guests will never forget. Typically, these hotels have ballrooms that you can use for both your ceremony as well as your reception. You will be able to use their guest rooms as bridal suites or groom’s rooms. You can also block out rooms so out-of-town guests have a comfortable space where they can crash immediately following your celebration. With Baltimore hotels, you will be able to find upscale options such as The Four Seasons or the Sagamore Pendry. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try the Kimpton Hotel Monaco or Graduate Hotels. 

Industrial Venues

Industrial Venues are a fabulous option for couples who love infusing a touch of beauty in everything. These venues are typically already stunning, combining raw elements with modern-day restorations. It will take next to nothing to transform these spaces into a positively dreamy atmosphere while making your decorations pop positively! Baltimore has some great options in the area, several of which are owned by the same wedding group. Because of this, you will be able to mix and match elements of your wedding day and have professionals who will be there to help you make your event truly perfect. You can find converted factories such as the Mt. Washington Mill Dye House, the Winslow, or The Assembly Room. If you would prefer, you can book modern spaces with industrial accents, such as Living Classroom Foundations or the Baltimore Museum of Industry. 

I Hope This Helps You Narrow Down You List Of Dream Baltimore Wedding Venues

With these Baltimore wedding venues, you will have a wedding day completely tailored to your style. As for capturing all those unique little details, that’s where I come in! I am a Baltimore wedding photographer, and I adore working with couples around the state to document their celebration. If you’re currently looking for your wedding photographer, I would love to sit down and have a conversation so you can decide if I’m lucky enough to tell your love story! Let’s chat soon!

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