Experience the Timeless Beauty of a DAR Wedding in DC

When you are planning your Washington DC wedding, there is a good chance you will want to find a place that ties in with the classic architecture of the area while making sure you can escape the crowds. Trust me, I know this experience far too well. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I get the chance to chat with countless couples who have gone through the process of finding their perfect DC venue. If you need some ideas, let me tell you why you should consider a DAR wedding

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About The DAR Wedding Venue

1776 D St NW, Washington DC 20006

Anyone who has watched Gilmore Girls a time or ten knows all about the Daughters of the American Revolution, or the DAR, for short. This organization was originally founded in 1890 to honor the veterans of the American Revolution through the help of their descendants. The current organization has over 190,000 people and is headquartered in Washington, D.C., at the Memorial Continental Hall and Constitution Hall. The buildings were designed by several of the architects who were instrumental in the other monuments in the National Mall, including the Jefferson Memorial and the Ulysses S Grant Memorial. With the DAR Wedding venue, you can get married in a crucial piece of DC history

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Details of the Grounds

With a DAR wedding, you will have several versatile options for your ceremony. For those who would prefer an outdoor wedding, you can exchange vows at the Portico in the hall. Here, your wedding is going to be absolutely iconic! You can exchange vows amidst the towering Grecian columns that are so prominent throughout the DC area. You can also move your party over to the connected terrace so you can exchange vows with the Washington Memorial prominently in the background.

If you want to have an indoor wedding, you can use the O’Byrne Gallery. This positively elegant space features an arched ceiling, white crown molding, and French windows. With white walls and brass features, it will be the perfect blank slate that you can dress up with your decorations. 

The venue is exceptionally accommodating to all weddings and will help you find the spot that feels custom-made for you. Many couples choose to hold their reception on the outside terrace with the views of Washington DC elevating the experience. If you would like, you can use the landing beneath the columns as your dance floor. For those who would prefer a sophisticated indoor dinner party, you can use the O’Byrne Gallery, the Banquet hall, or the Pennsylvania Foyer. You will have plenty of space to feast before it’s time to dance! One of my favorite options is the building’s Library. You will be able to have a celebration surrounded by row after row of historical books. 

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Even More Special Spaces For Your DAR Wedding

For your cocktail hour, you  might want to consider using the landing of the building on the Portico. You can set up a bar and give your guests a way to take in the city. You can also talk to the DAR and set up this portion in the lobby if you want to give your guests a break from the relentless DC climate. 

The DAR wedding venue does not have a designated bridal suite or groom’s room. You can use this as a way to get creative. There are countless luxurious hotels near the National Mall where you can get ready ahead of your event while sipping on champagne. As a bonus, you will have a comfortable, nearby spot to crash once the party is over. 

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The venue has accommodations for 10-300 guests. The O’Byrne Gallery can hold up to 140 seated, the Portico can hold up to 150 seated, the Library can hold up to 100 seated, and the upstairs Banquet Hall can hold up to 50 seated guests. They can help you find the space that is right for your party. 

This is an absolutely stunning venue with refined settings. The building is made from the traditional limestone of DC, and the columns are reminiscent of the neighboring memorials. The O’Byrne Gallery features starch-white walls, fireplaces, and hardwood floors. The Banquet Hall features rich blue accents and blue couches. The Library carries on the classical motif while adding wooden shelves stocked with an array of books. There are balconies overlooking the space, and you will be able to access them throughout your day. There are chandeliers throughout the entirety of the space. 

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Photography Opportunities

There are several DAR spaces where you can get some legendary first-look wedding portraits. The banquet hall is full of windows for natural lighting, and the blue pops will add some life to your portraits. A balcony leads out to a rooftop porch where you will have all of DC as your backdrop. You can also use the columns of the Portico for this section. If you are a book lover, you can use the library to get portraits amidst the shelves. The terrace of the Portico will be an accessible space for family portraits, and the stairs throughout the building give you a great way to show off the details of your gown. 

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Wedding Details

When you book your wedding at the DAR, you will book this venue as is. This means they won’t provide you with tables and chairs, but they do have a list of vendors you can use to get everything you need for your day. They do not require membership or sponsorship to host your wedding here, giving everyone a chance to use this remarkable building. They require that you use an event planner for your day so you have someone overseeing all your vendors. You must complete a tour before booking the space, but this can be self-guided. They will provide you with security personnel, a cleaning staff, and a venue coordinator. There is street parking as well as nearby garages. The venue is ADA-compliant, and they will provide you with complimentary wi-fi. 

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I Hope You Just Found Everything You Wanted To Know About A DAR Wedding

If you are looking for a classic DC wedding venue, the DAR wedding venue is your spot. As far as capturing all those details, that’s why I’m here. I am a Maryland photographer, and I adore working with couples around the area to document their celebration. If you have been looking for your photographer, send me a message so we can start the conversation!

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