Experience Luxury at a Congressional Country Club Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding day, you’re probably looking at so many wedding venue brochures that they all start to blend together. From luxury hotels to historic manors, they quickly start to feel just a little bit monotonous. If you’re searching for something that will stand out, I have a venue I think you’re really going to love! As a Maryland wedding photographer, I know what it’s like to see dozens of venues. That’s why I’m here to write about the ones that have stood out and live rent-free in my mind. If a full-service event is the thing for you, let me tell you all about what you can expect from a Congressional Country Club wedding

About The Congressional Country Club Wedding Venue

8500 River Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20817

Congressional Country Club was constructed back in the Jazz Age of the 1920s. At the time, two congressmen were having a conversation about the need for a club where their fellow representatives could meet with businessmen. There were other country clubs in the area, of course, but none of them fit this exact niche. So, they decided to use their powers to make this a reality! The result was a stunning building located in the heart of breathtaking countryside. The building took 2.5 years to construct. When it opened its doors in 1924, over 7,000 people attended the opening day. 

Over the years, it has seen some of the most significant guests in history such as Barack Obama and Dwight D. Eisenhower. It has hosted PGA tournaments and U.S. Opens and is slated to host National Championships in the upcoming years. The same attention to detail that makes them a popular choice for major events is also brought to their weddings so you can have the day that’s right for you

Newlyweds share an intimate moment on a lawn with blooming bushes at sunset

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Details of the Grounds

Whether you’d like an indoor or outdoor wedding, Congressional Country Club has the perfect spot for you. For outdoor weddings, most couples choose to use the paved terrace overlooking the golf course. You will exchange vows in front of acres of pristine, rolling hills. Your guests will have an easy-to-navigate space to sit without having to compromise on the stunning views. The interior gives you several ballrooms with plenty of space for all your guests. Each of the rooms features high ceilings with large windows that let in plenty of light as well as the surrounding views. 

Most couples choose to use the interior of the Clubhouse to host their weddings. You will have your choice of bright and sunny banquet rooms and moody, romantic ballrooms. The venue allows you to bring in a band or a DJ to ensure you have your perfect party! 

For couples who would prefer an outdoor reception, the Congressional Country Club allows you to set up your dinner on the paved terrace. They will give you the ability to tent in this area if you’d prefer. With this option, you can enjoy all the beauty of the surrounding hills without having to worry about the hot DC sun bearing down on your party. 

Other Spaces For Your Congressional Country Club Wedding

For your cocktail party, the venue will let you find the spot that’s right for you. The interior of the club offers a bar where you can serve signature drinks for your wedding party. You can also set up a bar on the terrace so your guests will get the chance to enjoy a cocktail while overlooking the grounds. You can speak to the venue about creating a poolside cocktail hour on the base floor of the building. 

The venue provides you with large rooms where you can gather with your party and put on all the finishing touches before it is time for your ceremony to begin. 

No matter your party’s size, Congressional Country Club has the perfect space for you! The Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 50 guests, and the other spaces will fit over 250. 

The Clubhouse itself is truly a thing to behold. The building is several stories tall and was built with Spanish influences, including the red roofing. Arched entryways and columns stand proudly in front of the building. There is also thoughtful landscaping, complete with dogwood and cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring. Around the back, there are several decks overlooking the greens. The skyline of Washington, DC, is prominently in view. The decks feature concrete squares divided by brick patterns. In one of the ballrooms, you’ll find massive arched windows, pale walls, and marble floors you can dress up with your decorations. The other interior room features deep tan walls, elegantly draped windows, intricately patterned ceilings, and tapestries. A large fireplace with a plaster flue and a wooden mantle sits at the head of the room. 

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Photography Opportunities

This Congressional Country Club is exceptionally well-lit, ensuring you can have dreamy, getting ready portraits as well as sunny wedding ceremony pictures no matter where you hold your ceremony. The expansive back deck is the ideal space for both individual and group portraits. This gives you an accessible way to incorporate the views of the grounds. The columns around the front are ideal for your couple’s portraits. You can have a way to show off your veil or sneak an intimate kiss. 

Wedding Details

The Congressional Country Club is an exclusive space that adores showering its wedding couples with the greatest accommodations. You will work with their culinary team to create a menu for your day. The center also features bakers and will help you create the cake that you want. The venue can set up a stage that you can use for a DJ or for a live band. 

You Will Love The Magical Portraits We Capture At Your Congressional Country Club Wedding

If you are on the search for an upscale, impressive venue for your Washington, DC, wedding, you can’t beat the Congressional Country Club wedding venue! This stunning space has everything you need to throw the wedding of your dreams. 

Once you have your perfect venue, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding pictures. That’s where I come in! I am a Maryland photographer, and I adore working with couples to document their day. I would love to sit down and have a conversation so you can decide if my style matches yours. Contact me today so we can chat!

Newlyweds stand overlooking rolling hills and a lake with arms around each other at their Congressional Country Club wedding