Celebrate Your Beautiful Love At A Grey Rock Mansion Wedding

Estate weddings are some of the most romantic around. These houses were built on the legacy of families throughout history and feature details that were built to last. And when it comes to estates for your wedding, it really doesn’t get much better than Grey Rock Mansion. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I get the chance to tour a lot of really great venues across the state. If you are looking for a gorgeous mansion for your celebration, I would love to tell you about what you can expect from a Grey Rock Mansion Wedding so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

About The Grey Rock Mansion Wedding Venue

400 Grey Rock Road, Pikesville, Maryland, 21208

Grey Rock Mansion has a rich legacy with significant ties throughout the state’s history. The property was once a part of the Howard family homestead and served as the birthplace for John Eager Howard, a Revolutionary War veteran and a three-term Maryland Governor. You can still see a nod to the politician on the front yard of the Grey Rock Mansion’s center face. The manor itself came to be when Dr. Richard H. Maynard purchased the property in 1857 and commissioned an Italian-inspired mansion. The house used natural grey rock for its construction, giving it its eventual name. 

For years, the house traded hands until it was purchased by A. Ray and Ethel Epstein in the 1920s. From here, the home faced extensive renovations that brought it to the Greek Renaissance style that it retains today. The house now stands as a sister venue to Gramercy Mansion and 1840s Plaza. 

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Details of the Grounds

For couples searching for an indoor wedding venue, the Ballroom is the best place for you. This room is starch white with a deep wooden floor, brass accents, and a white fireplace you can use as a backdrop as you exchange vows. The room also features mirrors, high ceilings, and towering windows that create the illusion of added space in the already large room. 

For outdoor weddings, the Gazebo is a pretty beloved space. This area is quiet and secluded, with a wooden fence covered by plants to enclose the space. The area is still close enough to the house, so your guests don’t need to journey too far to use the restroom before or after your ceremony.

After your ceremony, the Ballroom is ready to be converted into the perfect reception space! The room has modern heating and cooling so your party can stay temperate no matter the weather outside. Your guests are going to have plenty of space to dance throughout the night. For those who would prefer an outdoor reception, the venue offers an event tent that you can set up in the yard. You can have a covered space just near the Gazebo so your evening can move seamlessly from one event to the next. 

Other Special Spaces At The Grey Rock Mansion Wedding Venue

The mansion has several spaces that can be utilized for your cocktail hour. You can set up a bar on the front porch so your guests can grab a drink before wandering around the rest of the property. If you would like to have an indoor cocktail hour, let the venue know, and they’ll help you find the best spot. 

The venue has designated rooms on the upper level you can use to get ready for your wedding day. You can unwind and put on the finishing touches with your party before it’s time for your ceremony to start. 

When you walk to the front door of the stately white house, you will go up the brick front steps leading to an arched front door. Once you get inside, you’ll see the large Ballroom featuring white crown molding columns and white fireplaces. The wooden floors are dark stained wood, and the windows are surrounded by rectangular mirrors with brass flames. The house features paved walkways surrounded by meticulously maintained landscaping. The Gazebo is surrounded by tall trees that tower above the ground. 

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Photography Opportunities

There are countless places around the property that you can use for your portraits. For your couple’s portrait, you can sneak a kiss on the front porch so you can have the iconic exterior of the house as a backdrop. The walkways surrounding the house give you a clever way to incorporate the rest of your wedding party. You will also have flat ground where you can take pictures with your entire family. There are towering trees and densely wooded areas that give a rich and rustic background to your pictures. 

Wedding Details

The Grey Rock Mansion wedding venue offers both wedding and elopement packages so you can have the services that are right for your day. They also offer military and last-minute discounts. All wedding rentals of the day will give you four-hour rentals of the property. You will also have two hours for vendor setup and one hour for cleanup. The venue will supply you with tables and Chiavari chairs throughout the day. 

The get-ready suites will open up two hours ahead of your wedding’s start time. The venue will give you one hour of rehearsal time, and you can use this within two months of your wedding day, giving you a flexible option that can work around your party’s schedule. Grey Rock Mansion has rentals you can use to enhance your day, including archways and extra tables. The venue is wheelchair accessible. They have a preferred list for their caterers and allow you to bring your own alcohol.

Let’s Capture Some Stunning Elegance At Your Grey Rock Mansion Wedding

With a Grey Rock Mansion wedding, you can have an elegant wedding in a historical setting. Schedule your tour soon so you can decide if this is the venue for you. 

Are you on the search for the right person to help you document all the details of your wedding day? Then let’s connect! As a Maryland wedding photographer, I adore getting to know couples so I can give them authentic and gorgeous portraits of their celebration. I would love to sit down and have a conversation so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat soon!

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